Novus Veteris

Novus Veteris Lodge No.˙. 864 is located in Oceanside, CA in San Diego County. Some call us a Traditional Observance Lodge, some a European Concept lodge, but we like to call ourselves an Experience Lodge (read our original Vision Statement). We created the lodge to experience the essence of masonry and inspire ourselves to inspire others. We have a great hope for our families, our fraternity and society. We meet quarterly as a lodge, and monthly as an Executive Committee. Masonic education is included in all of our meetings, along with charitable endeavors and fellowship. We meet for stated meetings at the Oceanside Masonic hall on the 3rd saturday once a quarter. 

We invite you to take a look at some of our education on our Trestleblog and contact us with any questions you may have about or lodge or the fraternity.

Lux .˙. Traditio