Short Talk – 17 June

Short Talk – June 17, 2017
Novus Veteris Lodge U.˙. D.˙.
Alan Gatlin, Orator

Today’s short talk will cover the two sources of energy that commonly affect the Earth. Asking the question of whether these “events” also affect individuals and groups of people. We also will address how these energies relate to our Masonic symbology and the process of becoming better men and Masons. Lastly, we will also briefly review the new month sign of Cancer and its association with the Moon. Let us then begin the exploration

Our ancient brethren were aware of many astrological and physical “truths” that are now only coming to light again in our modern age. One of these areas relates to the place and effects of our world at large and the universe we inhabit! The prime example of this comes from the effect and impact from the two “types” of energy we experience on a daily basis; electromagnetic and gravitational. It has only been in the last few years that gravitational waves have been confirmed though theorized within the realm of quantum physics. We are only now beginning to understand how these “wave/particles” have their impact. We see the effects of these gradational events with the movement of the tides, creation of solar flares and sun spots with more being discovered.

The influence of electromagnetic energy has been harnessed and utilized within our home/office electrical system for the benefit of all for over 100 years. On a cosmic scale there is a far greater impact of this energy source than we first believed. An article from on June 14, 2017 discusses 4 recent studies where exposure to heightened levels of solar electrometric energy is related to increases in the occurrences cardiac arrhythmia and cardiac sudden deaths. A number of other articles cited in the reference section discuss the impact of these solar events on mental and physical health.

Does this mean that there is a “cause and effect” event related to solar flares and increase in exposure to this type of radiation? While not irrefutable there is a strong correlation and an area of continuing research. This is also the case, where there is a correlation but not conclusive of a direct affect to both individuals and groups of people, with the exposure to gradational waves as experienced most closely by lunar activity. When I worked in the hospital emergency room as a psych liaison, there was the awareness of increased violence and mental health crisis occurring during full moon and other strong gravitational alignment periods. We joked about these time periods but also mentally prepared for the “event”.

A current working theory from Glynn (1972) of how both of these forces work together is as follows:
Our solar system planetary positions influence gradational changes within the Sun. This leads to a “tidal wave” effects inside the Sun which is manifested in Sun Spots and Solar Flares. These flares create the solar wind cascading through the solar system and coming into contact with the Earth’s magnetic field. One visual result of this is the Aurora Borealis and the principal of “atmospheric skip” that radio operators utilize for long range communications. This bombardment of radiation is also directly affected by the moon’s gravitational pull changing and distorting the earth’s magnetic field. The Earth’s magnetic field is there to “filter” much of the solar radiation but has “thinned” and opened up gaps that in recent years leading to a more profound affect down to the ground level. Please refer to the reference materials for further discussion and information. We are in Solar Cycle 24 and at the lowest number of reported Sun Spots in over 100 years for any of the previous 11+ year cycles. The projections shown in the supplementary materials from NASA suggest that this effect will continue to occur with increasing periods WITHOUT Sun Spots into 2020 with the potential for significant climate and social impact! This last week alone there were 6 consecutive days with no sun spots recorded

As Masons why should be we concerned with these external events and how does this all relate to the Craft? If you adhere to the idea that the Lodge room is a representation of King Solomon’s temple modeled after the solar system and that our ritual is a reenactment of the cosmic forces, we then may have insight to and methodology to address these events. We have discussed how the Lodge Master is the personification of the Sun and “rules his Lodge” with the ritual circling his positon. Why is it that the path between the Master and the altar containing the Volume of the Sacred Law is not to be obscured with certain exceptions and what would be the effect of that “blockage?” What would happen if the Master no longer received “Light” from this arrangement?

Our ancient brethren represented the Learned Men of their time and many could accurately predict events seen in the sky and the impact that would be seen on the Earth. The Hermitic phase, “As above, so below” rings true as we “relearn” the lessons known for thousands of years. Knowledge of potential events allows us to act from a position of potential awareness rather than the fear that has and will continue to grip the “uninformed”. When we act from intention and strength we can stand up and say no to extremism and irrational reactions seeking that middle ground of response to who can “best agree and best serve”. A Brother and friend recently reminded me that what others think and do is not something we can change or control. We can only affect our response which does not commit us to any path or action other than the one we are on. We may wish to consider these words to remember and practice in the days ahead.

The Sign of Cancer

The degrees of the zodiac are not unlike the rungs of a ladder which reaches the sky, extending from earth to heaven. Jacob dreamed, in the 16th Chapter of the Book of Genesis, of such a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and angels of God were ascending and descending on it. Thus do the Sun and the various planets move higher and higher in the sky until just before they reach the first of the sign Cancer, the Summer Solstice, and then start their descent to lower declination. This sign Cancer, where the Sun may be found from June 22 to July 23, is symbolic of the natural ruler of the home and family. Therefore, next in his dream Jacob is told that his children will be many and that in them all the families of the earth will be blessed. But when he awoke he was frightened, saying, “This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.” As angels more commonly are considered, instead of their going up to heaven from the earth, and the returning from that superior region, we should expect them to come down from heaven and after their visit on earth to return again to that higher plane. But in Jacob’s dream they were going up, as the Sun ascends to reach the sign Cancer, and then coming back to earth, as the Sun again descends after it reaches that family sign. This going up and coming down, which the Sun is observed to do each summer, evidently signified to those who traced the starry pictures in the sky and gave to each a story, a going up and coming down which was suggestive of the movement of those intelligences which have no physical form, and which, for want of a better term, may be called angels.

Although the place where a person commonly sleeps may be regarded as his home, the action of Jacob after awakening, of setting up a stone to be the house of God would be difficult to understand were it not that other contemporaneous peoples, in various parts of the world, were also accustomed to set up pillars, pyramids and towers to commemorate this nearest approach of the spiritual symbol, the Sun; which, in this position, marks the commencement of the home sign, Cancer.

The Moon is also associated with the sign Cancer and represents the Senior Warden in the Lodge. In the narration of the Lesser Lights “While the Sun rules the day and the Moon rules the night…” we learn the importance of the symbolic whole of mankind when joined together at the altar and in the interlocking Deacons’ rods. While the Sun’s energy is electrical the Moon’s is gravitational again reflecting the combined forces of Nature under the canopy of heaven.

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