Convergence of Forces

Convergence of Forces
Novis Veteris Lodge, #864
Alan Gatlin, Orator
November 18, 2017
Short-Short Talk


We have had a periodic association of gravitational and electromagnetic energy focus this week with the Moon entering Sagittarius this morning at 3:42 am and the Sun entering that same sign at 7:05 pm on Tuesday November 21. While the Moon has a rotational cycle of less than a month, we see this convergence of gravitational, Moon, and electromagnetic forces, the Sun occurring on a somewhat irregular basis. Earlier talks have discussed the potential influences these external forces have on both individuals and groups, but other factors have been developing adding to the significance of these times.  The Sun Spot Cycle of minimum and maximum number of Sun Spots has historically run an 11.8-year Cycle since tracking began in 1755. We are now heading to the low of Cycle 24 which is currently predicted to extend into 2019. During these period of low Sun Spots, energy emissions from the Sun are reduced and reflect a number of associated weather, radio transmission, and other affects. A later talk will delve more into how Sun Spots have impacted our World at large, but something additional is occurring with the Sun. In the past 6 months a large number of very intense Solar Flares have erupted toward the Earth unevenly charging our upper atmosphere leading to disruptions of communication and electrical systems. Extremes in weather conditions also have occurred during these high intensity events that coincide with periods of low Sun Spot activity. Social unrest and acts of violence also have occurred during these times which is well evidenced in the number of mass shootings in the recent past. General irritability is another common sign seen when these events occur. Now more than ever is the time for Men and Masons to be aware and in control of our own actions and activities if we are to rise above the external influences around us. One way of taking control is using the period of the New Moon to again, look forward, plan and be aware of the month ahead. The symbolism associated with the Moon entering Sagittarius represents idealistic thoughts, feelings, and tendencies for adventure. This is an excellent time for self-renewal efforts, learning and promotion of new ideas. Examination of those forces and situations that have held you back to see what change is right for your life. The influence of the Sun entering this same sign symbolically represents the achievement, truth, practicality, and self-assurance. Taking time today to reflect and journal on these thoughts can have a significant impact on minimizing the external influence and moving in the direction you want rather than being pulled by the tides and waves of other influences.  The Volume of the Sacred Law tells us that darkness is cast out in the presence of Light. Be that Light to impact the world around you and govern your own actions.

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