Inaugural Short Talk – Truth

Inaugural Short Talk
Bro.˙. Alan Gatlin
20 November 2016

The real object of Freemasonry, in a philosophical and religious sense, is the search for truth. This truth is, therefore, symbolized by the Master’s Word. From the first entrance of the Apprentice into the Lodge, until after his reception of the highest degree, this search is continued. If it is not  found and a substitute must sometimes be provided. Yet whatever  the labors he performs, whatever the ceremonies through which he passes, whatever the symbols in which he may be instructed, whatever the final reward he may obtain, the true end of all is the attainment of Truth.

This idea of truth is not the same as that expressed in the lecture of the First Degree, where Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth are there said to be the “three great tenets of a Mason’s profession.” In that connection, Truth, which is called a “Divine Attribute, the foundation of every virtue,” is synonymous with Sincerity, honesty of expression, and plain dealing. The higher idea of truth which pervades the whole Masonic system, and which is symbolized by the Word, is that which is properly expressed to knowledge of God according to Mackey.

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