2019 and Beyond

My Brothers and Friends, I am extremely honored to have been elected as Master for the 2019 Masonic year. I am very much looking forward to working together and taking Novus to new heights. The 2019 Masonic calendar has been put into the shared calendar and is updated. We have our installation on Saturday December 1st at 4pm which is open to all. There will be pictures for all officers and members if they desire beginning at 3pm.  Please make sure to get your reservations in ASAP on the link on this page. There will be a meal served after the ceremony and we are hoping to have an accurate headcount. I would also like to welcome our new brother A.R. who was initiated this past saturday. Your journey is just beginning, take your time and enjoy this experience. Congrats again to Wor. M.D. on his Hiram award, I know we are all so pleased you were chosen as our first awardee.

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