Digital Series #2 – Apron with a Blue Ribbon Border

Mark A. Nielsen, PM

4 years in Reflection….

The below short talk was originally written in an effort to remain relevant at a time when a fundamental change was necessary for the survival of masonic lodge in which I was a member of for roughly 10 years and a pillar of at the time. It was one of my first forrays into masonic education which I vowed to provide at every Stated Meeting starting in roughly 2015. Some called me trailblazer and others accused me of challenging tradition, authority, and the very fabric that held masonry together in North County San Diego. I guess they weren’t wrong! 

My intention was always to keep Masonry and Brothers thriving and inspired wherever I possibly could. I never would have thought that this short talk, or at least the drive behind it, would cause so much discussion, turmoil, reflection, understanding, and ultimately, change – for the better. There were so many directions this particular short talk could have been taken to continue down the path of further light in Masonry. I certainly learned that a simple idea – along with a little bit of digging in your heals and a conviction of your principles – is the perfect launchpad for positive change. 

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Master’s Inaugural Address

…I ask you all to take a look around during the reception at some of our artifacts, from our 100 year old marshal’s baton, to the handmade tops of our temple pillars, to the handmade, poured and engraved silver altar square by Worshipful Fred Burkhardt, the antique compass present upon the altar, and the nearly … Read more