Readings on the Square and Compass

Readings on the Square and Compass
Joel Baker
There is great interest in origin stories of builders’ working tools and their allegorical meaning. It is difficult for me to look past the Square and Compass, as the idea of the Square and Compass in Ancient China was shown to me in passing during one of my first masonic education sections. When the presenter described the square and compass as ancient, sacred, and in use since time immemorial, the following picture was presented as proof. The picture stems from the Han Dynasty (~200 BC – ~220 AD), unearthed in an ancient tomb in Xinjiang, the far Northwest region of modern China.

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Mythology and Belief Systems in a Stable Society

Mythology and Belief Systems in a Stable Society
Delivered to the Novus Veteris Lodge, UD
March 18, 2017 By Alan Gatlin, Orator

Today’s presentation is the beginning of a series of lectures for 2017. These lectures will seek to expand our knowledge, show us some alternative ways of thinking, and challenge us on how we view the Society(s) from which we function within. A key thought to consider when reviewing this lecture is how our belief system is tied to a stable society, Freemasonry, and to our personal growth.

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Master’s Inaugural Address

…I ask you all to take a look around during the reception at some of our artifacts, from our 100 year old marshal’s baton, to the handmade tops of our temple pillars, to the handmade, poured and engraved silver altar square by Worshipful Fred Burkhardt, the antique compass present upon the altar, and the nearly 100 year old altar itself, graciously and indefinitely on loan from Oceanside – San Dieguito Lodge No. 381, which has obligated hundreds of good men a Master Mason.

Novus Veteris, literally meaning, “The New Old,” comes from a desire to see a reformation in the way that our members experience Freemasonry and also a reformation in how society perceives us. New endeavors, old traditions. New light, old wisdom. New brothers, old obligations.

Novus Veteris is a lodge that uniquely satisfies the experience of each of its members with a balanced focus on the tenets of brotherly love, relief, and truth, which in turn, inspires service to the lodge, service to local lodges, service to the fraternity at large, service to our families and service to society, all the while, making a profound impact.

My theme for this inaugural year is the Anchor. You will see the members of Novus donning a pin that was designed specially for us by Novus Brother Worshipful Adam Turk. The anchor, as well as the ark, are emblems of a well-grounded hope, and a well-spent life. They are emblematical of that divine ark which safely wafts us over this tempestuous sea of troubles, and that anchor which will safely moor us in a peaceful harbor, where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary shall find rest.

Masons teach that it is justice, in a great measure, that constitutes the really good man, and that it is justice that is the very cement and support of civil society. It is also justice that binds and perpetuates our fraternity through the succession of ages. Though, with apathy and indifference, characteristics ever so prevalent in modern society, justice can also overtake us, and the scythe will eventually cut the brittle thread.

We must do ourselves justice. Masons, and especially Novus Brothers, possess a great hope for society, and ideally our Fraternity’s positive influence on it. But we, as brothers and fellows, must be the hope, and serve — for ourselves, for our families, and for our ancient and honorable institution. Thank you.

Columns and Their Representation

Columns and Their Representation
Joel Baker

This short discussion reviews the representative use of columns in Freemasonry and other historical text, and their representation today. In this summary, I have chosen points from history based on the use of columns as a representation of a gate or boundary between man and deity. There are countless other analogies to made as well. I will review Masonic ritual and compare with non-Masonic sources for additional understanding. In this discussion, only the columns and temple boundaries within KST will be reviewed. The ornaments atop the columns’ capitals will be reviewed at a later time. Similarities and historical references to columns/pillars and their representations from ancient to contemporary time will be summarized across different cultures, particularly in regards to religious temples and shrines.

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The Celebration of “Calling Back the Sun”


In consequence of the establishment and consecration of this new lodge, Novus Veteris, and in praise and thanks giving of having the privilege and opportunity to serve as a founding member of this august assembly, I have determined to dedicate my contributions to this endeavor with short pieces dedicated to the holy and sacred purpose of instruction of various feasts, celebrations and observances of the many venerated sacred systems and holy bodies dedicated to peace, fraternity and most holy Light.

Your Humble Servant,
Mark Doubleday

At the winter solstice, 3 days before Christmas, the sun passes from Sagittarius, the Archer, to its lowest position of the tomb of winter, and the earth is captive, bound by frost in the hands of the evil forces of the underworld, where she can bring forth no fruit. To indicate this, the Hopi Indians kidnap, after the manner of Pluto in Greek mythology after his abduction of Persephone, a maiden and take her beneath the earth where the initiates are assembled in the kiva.

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What Is a Master Mason

Short Talk
The Master Mason
December 18, 2016

“The seeker embarks on a journey to find what he wants and discovers, along the way what he needs” Wally Lamb

Tonight’s Short Talk is a reading taken from Chapter 5 of Manley P Hall’s “The Lost Keys of Freemasonry” written in 1938. This material is his perspective of who a Master Mason is and what he aspires to be. I must admit that each time I read this chapter I am humbled, inspired and a bit overwhelmed as to the person he sees we are called to be and what our work truly is. As we each look to a new year’s “journey” let us take inventory and be inspired to renew our commitment and strengthen our steps to boldly move forward. Let us then enter into this worldview and continue on our path of spiritual growth, maturity and change. I encourage each of you to make note of the symbols he alludes to and mark these for future consideration and study. So let us then begin:

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Inaugural Short Talk – Truth

Inaugural Short Talk
Bro.˙. Alan Gatlin
20 November 2016

The real object of Freemasonry, in a philosophical and religious sense, is the search for truth. This truth is, therefore, symbolized by the Master’s Word. From the first entrance of the Apprentice into the Lodge, until after his reception of the highest degree, this search is continued. If it is not  found and a substitute must sometimes be provided. Yet whatever  the labors he performs, whatever the ceremonies through which he passes, whatever the symbols in which he may be instructed, whatever the final reward he may obtain, the true end of all is the attainment of Truth.

This idea of truth is not the same as that expressed in the lecture of the First Degree, where Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth are there said to be the “three great tenets of a Mason’s profession.” In that connection, Truth, which is called a “Divine Attribute, the foundation of every virtue,” is synonymous with Sincerity, honesty of expression, and plain dealing. The higher idea of truth which pervades the whole Masonic system, and which is symbolized by the Word, is that which is properly expressed to knowledge of God according to Mackey.

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