Digital Series #5 – The Right Mind of Masonry by Wor. T.H, PM Consuelo 325

One of the more difficult, albeit fascinating things about Freemasonry is movingaway from traditional material world concepts and moving toward the subsurface concepts and teachings that blossom so brilliantly throughout the entirety of ourCraft; Freemasonry is consciously designed to promote this type of learning and free-thinking. To paraphrase – what may seem so clear and obvious on the surfaceto the novitiate – isn’t. But are all the lessons that Masonry teaches hidden? Generally, but not exclusively. One might consider … Read more

Digital Series #4 – The Secret Tradition and the Cryptic Council by Bro. Eric C. Friedman

As the representative of Solomon, King of Israel, the Presiding officer of a Council of Select Masters has the duty of reciting the secret tradition. There is nothing in the ritual of Cryptic Masonry that explicitly tells us what this secret tradition is, but there is much in the symbolism of the degrees and certain … Read more

Digital Series #3 – Neuroscience and Freemasonry by Bro. A.G

Masonry is built on  three tenants that have driven our fraternity; brotherly love, relief, and truth. This last principal, truth, allows us to seek wisdom in a world filled with deception and falsehood. We are also reminded to be “free thinking men” where the truth we seek becomes the backstop of our being. We are not to accept just what we … Read more

Digital Series #2 – Apron with a Blue Ribbon Border

Mark A. Nielsen, PM

4 years in Reflection….

The below short talk was originally written in an effort to remain relevant at a time when a fundamental change was necessary for the survival of masonic lodge in which I was a member of for roughly 10 years and a pillar of at the time. It was one of my first forrays into masonic education which I vowed to provide at every Stated Meeting starting in roughly 2015. Some called me trailblazer and others accused me of challenging tradition, authority, and the very fabric that held masonry together in North County San Diego. I guess they weren’t wrong! 

My intention was always to keep Masonry and Brothers thriving and inspired wherever I possibly could. I never would have thought that this short talk, or at least the drive behind it, would cause so much discussion, turmoil, reflection, understanding, and ultimately, change – for the better. There were so many directions this particular short talk could have been taken to continue down the path of further light in Masonry. I certainly learned that a simple idea – along with a little bit of digging in your heals and a conviction of your principles – is the perfect launchpad for positive change. 

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Digital Series #1 – Give me the Secrets of a Master Mason!

Good evening my brothers. While the majority of us are now in isolation and unable to meet. It dawned on me that we should get together digitally and share knowledge/light. So with the first in our series please enjoy a paper by Wor. M.D. a past master in Southern California. -Matt McColm, Master NV864

“Give me the secrets of a master mason” – A case for Sacred Geometry and the evolution of the Soul

Many in the fraternity have heard the almost universal complaint that, “there must be something more” to masonry than the repetition of the Blue Lodge ritual degree work and the reading of the minutes at a stated meeting. Some of us have even had the feeling that the “Work” is being parroted and performed in almost drone-like fashion. Rather than a criticism of the sincere efforts made by brethren to instill and to inculcate the spirit of masonry and its revered degrees to new men, it is more of an observation that I have made on many occasions.

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The Badge of a Mason & Personal Impact

I would like to thank Bro. A.G for a wonderful presentation and conversation at our stated meeting for February. It was inspiring and hit home for a lot of the brothers! For those who were unable to attend – please review the slide attached to this posting. Matt McColm Master, NV 864 NV 864 Presentation … Read more

King Solomon’s Lodge – Astrological and Esoteric Symbols – Wor. Mark Doubleday, PM

King Solomon’s Lodge – Astrological and Esoteric Symbols Ancient Masonry / Elbert Benjamin aka C.C. Zain  Based on Richardson’s Monitor of Freemasonry, 1860 Slide-Solomon’s Temple The foundation stones in modern masonry are not only the principals of Faith, Hope and Charity, but also the use of the craft to re-build the initiate into a more … Read more

2019 and Beyond

My Brothers and Friends, I am extremely honored to have been elected as Master for the 2019 Masonic year. I am very much looking forward to working together and taking Novus to new heights. The 2019 Masonic calendar has been put into the shared calendar and is updated. We have our installation on Saturday December … Read more